Facebook will disappear in a few years, says analyst

Cnet: Will Facebook suffer the same fate as MySpace in a few years? That's what one analyst predicts.
Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" program Monday, Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital, said that Facebook will lose its dominance as a social network in less than ten years.

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KingPin3390d ago

no real surprise.
its more a novelty which people will eventually get bored of. from all the friends i have, only about 5 maybe 6 people still use it to keep in contact with family overseas.

Kurylo3d3389d ago

I dont know.. the only way i see facebook dieing is if something comes to replace it. Facebook is just a huge marketing resource to be allowed to die. social marketing is free and it accounts for 90% of marketing these days...where the other 10% is paid for marketing like advertisements. These are real statistics. So I dont think its going to be that easy.. besides people still love it.

sikbeta3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Google+ maybe? or something new, this kind social-sites are hot until something new appears or the novelty wear off, myspace wasn't like FB a couple of years ago? no one gives a s#*t about it anymore lol


Damn it! beaten by artdafoo XP

Audiggity3389d ago

Actually, no, those aren't real statistics at all. The paid side of online marketing is growing at a rapid pace. Social is growing as well, but there is absolutely no evidence that shows a 90%/10% split comparing free social marketing vs. paid marketing.

Perhaps if you were referring to paid marketing only in the context of social channels (Sponsored LinkedIn/Facebook ads) then this 90/10 split is closer to being accurate.

If you are comparing that deviation to the total digital marketing space, it is very (very) far off. Paid search alone dwarfs social marketing when it comes to results, time spent and money allocated.

Kurylo3d3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

your wrong about that audiggity... even paid google searches lie in that 10%... Because lets be real... who really clicks on the paid goodle searches or banner ads, vs what they see on a friends facebook page. Massive corporations publically account social media being 90%.

Its the whole reason facebooks stock is falling. The "PAID" Ads... in facebook on the side... aren't worth what they claimed because no one pays attention to those. They ignore them and never click it. The power is in the social aspect of sharing... not in an advertising presense that you ignore on the side.

Audiggity3389d ago

Am I wrong? Really? Awesome. Last time I checked I was a Director at a digital advertising agency with access to dynamic media spend allocation charts.

Check this out, it is about a year old:

Here is an article from early 2012 that shows almost the exact opposite trend that you are claiming (87% online advertising vs. 13% social media):

The scary part is, the 2012 study doesn't bother to tell you that the allocated spend threshold is including the very high cost of labor associated with manually running various social media outlets organically. The bulk of the 87% in other channels is going to the media itself, while the 13% of social is paying for salary and the media.

Let me know if you would like to see more data.

Oh, by the way, "PAID" ads do work. I have millions of dollars in revenue to report across a multitude of industries and clients to prove it. This is why Google's stock went UP post-IPO and Facebook's stock went DOWN post-IPO.

Google sells something that works for business and consumers, Facebook sells... ummm... something that... hmmm... I'm sure it sells something, right?

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artdafoo3390d ago

Wrong !!! I mean just take a look at how good Myspace is doing !..... Oops.

TheDivine3390d ago

I would think so because they all fade when the next cool thing comes along but its too integrated. They have their hooks into everything with the like buttons all over the web, gaming, and apps. Its now become another mainstay like youtube. Its a household name, a brand even.

mcstorm3390d ago

I agree with you. Plus with devices like Windows Phone having facebook built into them and rumour ISO 6 being integrated into Facebook too I don't see it ever going away.

People I know don't tend to brows Facebook on there pc anymore they tend to use a mobile device to update there status and pictures and chat and I see it carrying on this way rathet than people using a pc to access facebook but I do see it being here for a very long time. If Facebook was going to do a MySpcae it would of done it by now and other companys are trying to take Facebooks market are not managing to do look at google+ for example.

forcefullpower3389d ago

I don't particually like facebook but it the place to go for all friends if i want to do invites post pictures. No one is going to start using another service like google+. I think thats where google are going wrong. They should be trying to integrate there services with facebook and not trying to take the market.

Facebook should start doing a myspace style for bands and musicians as it has pretty much died now in the uk.

You are right in that its now getting to integrated into every website and company now have there own twitter and facebook page.

KingPin3389d ago

being integrated doesn't mean anything.

sure, theres "like" buttons all over the web, but i haven't clicked on any of them. not many people have. so yeah, if it dies off eventually those like buttons will disappear.

speaking of household names, kodak was once a multi-billion dollar company and a regular household name, doesn't mean it isn't going to last forever.

also having a mobile device doesn't mean its more convenient. clearly you haven't tried the facebook android app. so while it may be integrated into the mobile OS, its 100% guaranteed to be used.

DeadManMcCarthy3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

me too, i really don't like fb.

Veni Vidi Vici3389d ago

Couldn't agree more. I refuse to use FB.

Kos-Mos3389d ago

Why do you hope so? Because someone likes something you don`t like? "I don`t want to take part in what everyone takes part in."

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