E3 2012: Nintendo Wii U Analysed (Specifications and Games Lineup)

WhatsHawt | All the details are finally out, lets analyse Nintendo's latest, and perhaps greatest console ever. Jump into the Wii U.

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sandman2242812d ago

So.....are those good specs?

arjman2812d ago

They're ok for 720p (with AA) and 1080p without AA so its better than current consoles, but the new SOny and M'soft consoles will likely be much more powerful

Axecution2812d ago

Audio Output
Uses six-channel PCM linear output via HDMI® connector

lol six? Why six? I don't understand... It's probably seven...

chukamachine2812d ago

I reckon it's a 4700 gpu.

open gl 1.1 - 3.3

Was a decent card back in the day and alot more powerful then the wii.

Good thing about it is, edram does the AA, just like the xbox360. But it'll do 4aa easily 720p.

I'd actually like to see a new mario kart maxed out,lol

crazytechfanatic2811d ago

yeah even earlier there was a hint of the GPU being RV740 HD4770 class.

Heck it's a lot powerful than Wii. And yeah, 4AA on 720p or plain 1080p was already mentioned in some official release

Soldierone2812d ago

Its not enough for me. This would have been good a few years ago for them to compete in the current generation (tech wise, now sales wise obviously) However using it to lead their way into next generation? Its obvious why the other two don't care....

sandman2242812d ago

I would be happy if call of duty look and ran identical to the Xbox 360 version. If it runs at lower resolution I'll be upset.

crazytechfanatic2811d ago

They made it run on a Wii, I'm betting it will work great on the Wii U

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