Touchscreens with Physical Keyboard? The prototype is here and working

Whatshawt: Have you ever wished that you could have both a touchscreen interface and physical keyboard integrated into one device? Tactus Technology is now making this a reality with their dynamic touchscreen interfaces.

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Speed-Racer3401d ago


One thing I hate about Android is its terrible touch screen keyboard. Can't wait for this to roll out to touch screen mobiles. Death to BlackBerry.

sikbeta3400d ago

I always thought about this in a level of patent it or something lol really nice, can't wait for this :D

iSpy3401d ago

Its really helpful for chatting.. They can introduce this feature for iPhone also that would be great.

Speed-Racer3401d ago

They are hoping to introduce it on as many devices as possible. :)

sourav933401d ago

The next phone I get will have this tech. The buttons actually looked like bubbles, which, you have many 0_0

PFirefly3401d ago

Funny, my Galaxy S already has a slide out 5 row physical keyboard. Why is this needed?

sourav933401d ago

Slimmer phone? More compact? Super cool?

Winkle923401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I think it reduces size and space of the phone. Lose the physical keyboard and suddenly the phone is smaller, or has lots of space for a bigger battery, more memory, etc. Not to mention less moving hardware so less chance for a joint or slider to break.
Edit: And yes, super cool indeed.

fatstarr3401d ago

now this is next gen stuff right here.

bub163401d ago

yesssss now i can upgrade my phone! cant stand touch screen to text with

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