Sony pumps up PlayStation Plus

Cnet: Electronics giant makes a move that may finally unseat Microsoft's dominance of the online home gaming experience.

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thebudgetgamer3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

This is a great month to be PSplus subscriber, can't wait to get home and start downloading.

dvfaa3394d ago

this is a bandwidth killer.. but in a good way.. kinda lol

L6RD7BLU33394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

O_o WHAT! I didn't know all of these games will be free all at once on June 5th I thought it will be like 3 free this Tuesday and another 3 the next month DAMN SONY I STILL HAVEN'T BOUGHT A NEW HARD DRIVE YET, MY BACKLOG OF GAMES IS CRYING RIGHT NOW, HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD!