Microsoft Xbox 360 Now Top Selling Console Worldwide

Techcrunch: Microsoft’s Don Mattrick announced at the Microsoft media event at E3 that the Microsoft Xbox 360 has moved from the top console in North America to the top console worldwide, beating out the PS3 and Nintendo Wii.

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Lord_Sloth3392d ago

According to...

...they're spatting out a bunch of bull, they've sold more in the last couple of months than they have the last few years, or they're not counting the Wii.

SKUD3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I would like to see the ratio on purchased vs consoles purchased to replaced from system failure. With that I think you have your true numbers. I do agree though. I'm not sure just how true don mattricks words are.

ChrisW3392d ago

RROD was fixed a couple years ago. Recent console purchases would not reflect replacements.

However, I understand where your coming from. So, if you REALLY want to see how well a console is doing... look at the game sales, not the hardware sales.

chukamachine3392d ago

Why does it state 65.8million on the website.

If that's true amount sold. Sony is only 1mill behind,lol.

And they are not the top selling console this year,lol.

ChrisW3391d ago

Yeah... only a million! That's such a small number. It's like if Microsoft stopped selling the Xbox360 outright, it'd only take about a year for Sony to catch up.