Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome On Google Chrome

TechFlashed : YouTube the biggest video repository On the web. Millions of user visit to access youtube for watching videos online. Youtube provides various option to its users such as setting the video quality and much more. If you spend more then few minutes everyday on YouTube then here are some of the Google chrome extensions to make your experience awesome on YouTube website.

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technologist3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

very useful extensions !!nice to know abt the pip extension nice one!!

AgentWhite3391d ago

google chrome has large repository of many useful extentions . Chrome has definitely enhanced the browsing experience of users be that be youtube .

technologist3391d ago

not only you tube the extensions for facebook i have seen are also very useful that's why i love chrome !! :)

xVeZx3391d ago

auto hd for youtube is another good extension..

AgentWhite3391d ago

yups ..its an excellent one . thanks to awesome chrome