How to keep your pc cool


Seen as we have had a lot of hot weather here in the UK i thought it would be advisable to write a blog post on the best ways to keep your PC cool in this hot weather. This first thing to understand is why you need to keep your computer cool in the first place.

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ChrisW3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Since a typical PC case bottom fan does not have a filter like the front, I don't recommend it for going IN. All airflow going IN should have a filter.

My PC case for example has one front fan going IN, and a top, bottom, back, and a large side fan going OUT. The reason for only one fan going in is because the entire front is one huge filter that's easily removable for cleaning. And is cleaned regularly.

I also recommend not using stock fans. For example of my 5 fans, 4 of them are Gentle Typhoon 1,850rpm fans, which only produces 28dB of sound. Large fans are normally quieter for the same amount of airflow compared to standard 120mm fans, so I kept the stock side fan on my case.

kerwood913391d ago

i totally agree with you ChrisW, my case has filters on the front and bottom and sound proofing on the inside which really helps with the noise. I cannot hear my PC at all.