MegaUpload lawsuit – A waste of money and time

What's Hawt - It looks like the very controversial MegaUpload lawsuit may have all been a waste of money and time after it was discovered that the U.S. lacked jurisdiction to shut down the file locker giant.

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Speed-Racer3400d ago

Indeed a waste... guess they just wanted to mess up MegaUpload at whatever cost to satisfy the boys at the MPAA and RIAA.

killerhog3399d ago

And then someone from the MPAA goes and makes a comment that could of hurt their case if this wasnt already an issue?

I believe, he said that, 'they should see digital downloads differently and that more people are downloading from p2p websites to have a back up of the stuff they own'. That statement would of hurt their case against megaupload alone.

Flavor3399d ago

This case validates the need for SOPA style legislation. If you can;t shut down an obviously infringing organization like mega, then you gotta change the law.

Kurylo3d3397d ago

your crazy. Look what they are trying to do with the pirate bay in other countries. YOU CANT SHUT IT DOWN. Its impossible.. u can keep blacklisting IP addresses, but u cant police the world. The greed here is rediculous. You cant blame someone for having a social website and countless users. You can only blame the users themselves. Whats next.. block youtube and facebook cause someone put up a song? Its a joke and the politicians backed by the studios are getting braver and braver in taking away our rights because no one is standing up for it. They figure its just 1 guy... so none of us are going to stand up to hold them accountable for breaking the law when they went after him. The thing is when is the line crossed? its a slipperly slope. What happens when they take away something of YOURS. Whats next? The government doesnt own the internet and they need to stop trying to. Its ours. Its free. And should not be policed at all.

justpassinggas3396d ago

Why don't you go find a nice cell with a closed circuit camera and let all of us who don't like being monitored live our life like we want to?

ZombieNinjaPanda3400d ago

And one big issue is that the thousands of people who used megaupload legitimately may never get their files back.

fatstarr3400d ago

yes each person should be able to file into a class action on that part. you paid for a service and followed the TOS you are in the right.

SKUD3400d ago

IMO its never a good idea to upload any sort of critical data to these sites and cloud storage. You never really know who owns and operates the service.

Indeed its a huge loss for those who played by the rules. No one knows who has there data and what they plan to do with it.

360ICE3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Including terrorists. US government probably bagged itself some of that there terrorist data. Probably...

ZombieNinjaPanda3400d ago


Oh of course, it's idiotic to upload it to only one spot. That's almost guaranteeing you'll lose your stuff. But either way, those people should get what is rightfully there's back.

OH and people should always have at least two back ups of important data.

fatstarr3400d ago

this really pisses me off they just did all of this to disrupt the digital world. Karma is all I can say.

SnakeCQC3400d ago

its bs like this that show how governments just serve corporations and are not here for the people or for logic seriously isn't the fbi supposed to solve alot worse crimes

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The story is too old to be commented.