Is a Double-sided Transparent Smartphone The Future? writes: "It seems like something more out of science fiction than reality, but a Japanese company have developed a prototype of a transparent smartphone, that could be what our phones look like in the future. NTT DoCoMo showed off the prototype smartphone at Wireless Japan, which has a transparent display, and touch functionality on the front and back of the phone, similar to a PlayStation Vita."

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gaffyh3396d ago

This seems like a bit useless because you already can't see anything on your smartphone during a sunny day, this will be a nightmare

fatstarr3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

just a prototype. and you can see with super Amoled in the sunlight I do it all the time.

its silly but this is the future.

technologist3396d ago

WoW japan again with something new !! definitely will work i think !!

Speed-Racer3396d ago

No. Why would I want people being able to see what's on my phone from the other side? People already buy screen filters to block what's on their one and only screen...we don't need a double sided phone now lol.

Hayabusa 1173395d ago

I think it could be popular simply because it is transparent. It'll be a fashionable phone, and no doubt some people will like to show off with it. Can't think of many practical uses...taking pictures might be slightly cooler? (or wierder?)