McAfee: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. PCs are unprotected

News10: About 19% of computers in the U.S. are roaming the Internet without any antivirus protection, finds a study from security firm McAfee.

Based on scans of 28 million PCs in 24 countries, McAfee found 17% were unprotected, meaning they either carried no antivirus software or the software was disabled.

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fatstarr3397d ago

its something about the net in the hands of a veteran user.

1 of my friends lives life on the edge with his pc. its like hes wearing no condom on the internet.

he pirates
and does all this banking etc.

I bet him 100$ that his comp was infected
and he let me run 5 different programs to scan and it was 100% clean - the 5 or 6 cracks he had.

its not like the old XP days anymore.

they are making the OS and the browsers more efficient with protection and security and patches.