Internet Guru Robert Scoble Says Twitter Feels A Lot Like A Ghost Town

BusinessInsider: Google+ isn't getting a lot of fair coverage in the press, says Internet guru Robert Scoble.

While a lot of the tech press has said Google+ is a "ghost town," Scoble says it's actually Twitter's started to feel more like a ghost town.

"Seriously, I know Twitter's not a ghost town, but it sure feels like that because of the usage model there," Scoble said in a post on Google+. "As it has turned into more of an "information utility" and less of a community it feels more and more empty."

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fatstarr3397d ago

yes its been really dead to me, my streams are all active but I dont really read the tweets unless its directed at me.

the more you follow the harder to find. he is absolutely right.

Instagram is the new star of the summer anyway until the next fad comes.

Dovahkiin3396d ago

Instagram really annoys me, 14 year olds thinking they are amazing at photography because they've put horrible effects on a picture, and shared it online.