Windows XP Costs Firms Five Times More To Maintain Than Windows 7, Says Microsoft

Redmondpie: Of the many upcoming entries to the technology fray, Windows 8 is by far one of the most anticipated. The Consumer Preview dropped in February to critical acclaim, and although there’s nothing particularly amiss with the current Windows 7, consumers are still pretty eager to sink their teeth into the Metro interface.

While most of us run Windows 7, the same cannot be said for a large portion of business who’re still rocking the reliable but dated Windows XP. Released over ten years ago, it provided a simple and clean interface, and although its successor – the notorious Windows Vista – was bloated and slow, Windows 7 redeemed the platform.

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fatstarr3402d ago

I think windows XP will last forever. its one of the BEST OS's of all time when its maxed out with good specs. though windows 7 really makes the difference.

its because everyone still uses XP is why apple gets away with their lies. Last Night I had a big internet argument and this guy never used 7 ever. everything a Mac can do a PC can do as well, for free, better or easier.

KingPin3402d ago

with the crap Apple spew out , im surprised they get away with it. Apple products arent superior in any way. and the whole "i cant get a virus coz im on Apple OS" argument is complete bull. the only reason nobody bothers to make a virus <and yes, there are apple viruses. google it> for an Apple PC is coz no big businesses in their right mind uses Apple OS. linux has a much lower rate of viruses so by that logic, Linux is the best OS.

Lets face it, windows is much more popular for a reason. everyone is used to it. theres all forms of software that just work with a simple install. theres a larger variety of software available.

OT: maintaining windows is easy. 5 simple programs will keep ur xp in top performance. CCleaner, Auslogics disk defrag, cleanmem, quickstartup, an antivirus of your choice and an anti-spyware of your choice. all of the above is freeware except for the AV and ASW programs but even that you can get freeware versions.