Apple’s 2012 iMac and Mac TV vs. iTV

Product-Reviews writes: We’ve seen a price drop on existing iMac and MacBook Pro products at selected major retail websites, this normally signals a new Apple product, although mix this news with current rumors and we’re sold. There will most certainly be a 2012 iMac and MacBook Pro launch very soon, and most likely this quarter. The hype building around a big screen Apple TV is increasing for good reason, and while it has not been confirmed by Apple it’s largely believed to be almost certain, which could even release at some point in 2012 or 2013.

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danswayuk3401d ago

I am up for buying the iMac with SSD and a Retina display, and also I would be happy to replace my big screen with a Mac TV if it also featured native apps and 60-inches.

ricky3603401d ago

Put me down for the new MacBook Pro to replace my Air, but only if the rumors are correct.

tr00p3r3401d ago

I'll probably get the Apple TV when it comes out.. I predict good things.