ColorWare Grip 3 for New iPad

Product-Reviews writes: ColorWare are dedicated to customizing products for fashion to deliver something unique, and ColorWare announced today the Grip 3 for Apple’s new iPad. The new ColorWare Grip handle is slim, ergonomic and comfortable as you travel between meetings, flights, clients or patients.

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danswayuk3405d ago

Well worth the money, my iPad 3 will have this very soon.

ricky3603405d ago

I love ColorWare products, sadly I don't own an iPad yet.

tr00p3r3405d ago

Who wants to turn the iPad into a briefcase? The whole idea of it is portability.. ColorWare should stick to colors and that's it.

danswayuk3405d ago

While I agree to some point, there are those who need protection and products like this help a lot.

KillerPwned3405d ago

These cases are seriously $300 a piece!?

Fel083405d ago

Cool concept, but the yellow is ugly as hell