Would You Buy a Facebook Smartphone?

Chillopedia | As the rumours begin to be fleshed out with more and more fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that Facebook is involved in the design of a smartphone. Despite 2010’s effort with HTC not appearing to come to fruition very well, it is certainly possible that Facebook could continue its efforts to get a successful start in the hardware market. With the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook might be in a good position to launch their own social media phone.

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SnakeCQC3404d ago

hell no the concept is just stupid they cant even get the app right what makes them think they can magically learn to right an os

Strongfist363404d ago

Maybe. Depends on who handles the hardware.

KingPin3403d ago

even if the hardware is made by samsung, whats the point coz the software is going to be limited.

speaking of software, have you tried their android app? is sucks so bad. third party devz created a better app than facebook themselves.

and what could this phone possibly do that no other phone can do? keep in mind, samsung had s-voice, and that didn't take long to get ported to other droid devices.