CyanogenMod hits 2 million installs

What's Hawt: It’s official, Cyanogenmod has been installed on over 2 million devices since its inception in 2009.

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KingPin3399d ago

no surprise really.

its one of the most stable custom roms out there with a huge dedicated community.

fatstarr3399d ago

yes cheers to to cyanogen mod and more years. once I get my SIII im gonna try all the experimental daily's on the galaxy s

Speed-Racer3399d ago

I really wanted to try CM9 on my phone but I think it's just too old for ICS lol :(

RonyDean3398d ago

Damn that's insane! It really deserves it! - Someone needs to buy a cake with loads of vanilla icing to celebrate!!!

FlashXIII3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

A big victory for modded phones, a nice big fuck you to apple!

KillerPwned3398d ago

I would love to use this on my Droid x but from what I seen you cannot take pictures. That is the only thing stopping me from doing it. I really wanna get this or community made ICS on my phone.

KingPin3398d ago

yeah, they do have a problem with the cameras until the source code gets released officially. i think the camera fixes are in the official source.

had that with the modded gingerbread roms aka CM7. the early alpha builds had a broken camera but the CM7 final was 100% working.

but i know what you mean when u let a camera stop you from going custom. you like me in a way, only go custom if the rom is 100% working otherwise its a pass for now.

th3soldier3398d ago

"While Nexus owners are lucky enough to always receive updates first in line..." LOL, he must not be familiar with the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

As for CM, congrats. I switch between ROMs quite often, and loved using CM7 on my old Droid 2.

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