How Hollywood Glamorizes Hacking – And Why This Is Deeply Wrong

MakeUseOf: I grew up in the 1980s generation, when technology really started to become “cool”. You had Max Headroom, Tron and of course the very first video game console – the Atari. It was the dawn of the technology boom, when those that had to suffer through being a bullied as a 1980s nerd grew into adulthood and transformed into ultra-cool geeks.

However, part of that transformation included a fascination with hacking. For me, it started with the 1983 film War Games. It was a movie where David Lightman, played by young Matthew Broderick, hacked into the U.S. military supercomputer WOPR. What he thought was nothing more than a cool video game turned out to be a computer system capable of predicting outcomes of a cold-war nuclear conflict scenario.

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