Is Facebook’s new ‘Camera’ app the death of Instagram?

What's Hawt: With the Instagram deal still in the works, Facebook has already released its own Camera app to appeal to the masses. The question is, will they eventually kill Instagram in favour of their in house product?

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Reborn3407d ago

I thought this deal was to do something different, rather than turn Instragram into something else.

listenkids3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

They bought the tech, instagram is well established and Facebook camera won't change anything. I remember the Facebook version of chatroulette, it died after a week.

jeeves863406d ago

I thought that Facebook already bought Instagram? And then released this camera?

Additionally, there was some fuss that you needed to have your GPS enabled to use the camera. If you had it disabled, you'd crash the app. Anyone know if that's still true?

Speed-Racer3406d ago

The deal is still in the works.

The rest you talked about is all 100% true.