How Facebook's Zucked-up IPO just killed the tech bubble

You didn't really want to start partying again like it was 1999, did you? Good thing, too. Because you aren't going to get the chance -- not just yet, at least.

Before last Friday, many thought that Facebook's much-hyped IPO might trigger a reprise of the Internet mania unleashed by Netscape's 1995 public offering, when "companies" -- some with little more than a dot-com suffix and marketing spiel -- were able to lure investors en masse.
And just as in the run-up to the great tech bust, some saw history repeating itself, what with animal spirits convincing venture investors to award $1.5 billion valuations to cash-burning startups with TBD business models. It sure looked like a tech bubble was forming.

Then Facebook happened. More specifically, Facebook went public and all the expectation -- and, for many, hope -- that the industry was entering the next phase of the boom/bubble came to a screeching halt.

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