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MIT invents painless, programmable hypospray

Dice: We've got phasers. We've got tricorders. And now, thanks to MIT, we've got a hypospray that works just like the real thing, delivering programmable doses of drugs painlessly right through your skin without any needles.

MIT has developed an injection system that uses a powerful magnetic piston to push a near-supersonic dose of medication straight through your skin into your body. The drugs themselves are carried along on a blast of air that's skinnier than the proboscis of a mosquito, which means that you can't feel it at all. In fact, it doesn't even leave a mark, which means that it can be used on your eardrums or even your eyeballs without causing any damage.

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sjaakiejj3401d ago

This has a lot of potential - in this way the medication can be applied to a local surface instead of into your veins. Could do a lot of good.