Inside Foxconn, the factory responsible for Apple’s iPhone stock

iPhone Rumors writes: While not every iPhone owner will care where the 6th generation iPhone is going to be made, some of you might be interested to see a news report on the inner workings of Foxconn.

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danswayuk3402d ago

I care about the price of the next iPhone, so yes I do care.

ricky3603402d ago

I am buying the iPhone 5 no matter what.

danswayuk3402d ago

I will get the next iPhone too, but I do care about the price....there are limits.

Speed-Racer3401d ago


*Beats laborers with stick*


GamingPerson3401d ago

What the hell is going on in here?! F the iphone!

--Onilink--3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

well i think most people know the working conditions there are terrible, the problem is, foxconn and pretty much all those big manufacturers make products for A LOT, ALOT of companies, not just apple, so if we wanted to stop buying products made from those companies, you might end up without TV, computer, cellphone, console and many other things.

Besides, this kind of situation is not even the fault of the companies who employ foxconn, its just the sad situation of a country with 2 billion people, where most cant even get a job

LOL_WUT3400d ago

@ GamingPerson

I know i'd be saying the same thing if i couldn't afford it :)

KingPin3400d ago

mediocre hardware at top level prices.

its not we cant afford it, its that if we gonna pay that price, we will go for something thats actually worth that price.

artdafoo3400d ago

Wanna end terrible working conditions in China people ? Easy, stop shopping at Walmart.

--Onilink--3400d ago

really, so if i stop shopping there, china will suddenly find a way to give proper jobs to 2 BILLION people... unfortunately, this is something thats just beyond fixing, at least from a consumer point of view

ngecenk3400d ago

some people here have no idea what happened in China. As soon as they see Apple, China and Foxconn, the Bash Apple comments is simply there. its like a reflex

Foxconn is probably one of the best place for labor in China. No, I was wrong. Foxconn's Apple division is. Even Dell HP and MS division are currently threatening the company to treat them like worker at Apple division.

Yes, its the fact!