The new appsplit will change the whole apps industry

appsplit: "Introducing the new appsplit, our newly-improved platform which we’re confident will change the entire apps industry. the new appsplit offers is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved in the creation, development and business of apps. By “everyone” we truly mean it in the literal sense of the word. Everyone from app developers, entrepreneurs, fans, users, app owners, inventors, investors to the average Joe on the streets can now be part of the world of apps. Our newly-improved platform gives people this opportunity through our three types of campaigns: Fund campaigns, Sell campaigns, and Develop campaigns."

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appsplit3404d ago

We are very excited about our new crowd funding platform for apps. If you have any questions or need help please feel free to reach out to us!

Speed-Racer3403d ago

Do I get free moneys for doing nothing?

dregger3403d ago

Nice Job!

I missed some more information about your company i.e. which country, who are/were your partners/investors. I would love to hear that.

By the way, you said: "we get money when you get money" - is it a percentage of transactions?