New MacBook Pro 2012 models may feature Voice Dictation

Product-Reviews writes: We have some exciting news for those of you who are looking to pick up a new MacBook Pro. You may have seen Apple’s new voice dictation feature on the 3rd generation iPad, but now we are hearing that we could see this feature on the new MacBook Pro models as well.

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danswayuk3413d ago

Give be a Retina display and SSD please.

fatstarr3413d ago

hopefully this is true totally worth the $1500 upgrade from my newest macbook that I got last night :D Apple take my money now. (obviously Sarcasm and the biggest joke )

On a serious note " to be in place as voice dictation on future MacBook Pro models"

anyone with computer expertise knows that apple can add this in as a download update....
I swear if the only thing new about next gen macbooks is this. I will laugh for a week straight.

danswayuk3413d ago

We need much more than voice dictation.