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Behind iPhone 5/iPad 4 manufacturing are Foxconn, Sharp, and Samsung politics

iPhone Rumors writes: Behind iPhone 5 and iPad 4 manufacturing – at some point this year we will see an iPhone 5, or officially known as the 6th generation iPhone, and also early next year we’ll see the next iPad. Apple are making deals right now that are making the process of getting these products to the consumer in a way that’s easier for Apple, cheaper for Apple, and also at a better quality. This is our opinion anyway, which is taken from looking at signs seen in some of the latest news stories.

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danswayuk3411d ago

As long as the iPhone 5 is built right and the price kept reasonable, then I'm happy although I do understand the issue of cheap labor.

ricky3603411d ago

Every business wants to increase the profit margin, but make sure the customer is happy.

danswayuk3411d ago

And happy means no LED bleeding or signal problems as seen with an iPad 2 and iPhone 4 we had, but either way we're buying Apple.

robep33410d ago

Apple has slave labour and slave customers they could put a sh!t on a stick but as long as the apple logo was there they would buy it!

SilentNegotiator3410d ago

China needs to stop the terrible treatment of workers and companies need to stop supporting it.