Up to 500 million Windows 8 users by end of 2013, says Ballmer

NeoWin: Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that 350 million devices with Windows 7 would be sold in 2012. Now a new report from AFP claims that Ballmer has made yet another prediction, this time on the sales of Windows 8.

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sjaakiejj3038d ago


I think they have a lot of convincing to do before consumers will even bother making the jump. Unless they force it on everyone by making it the only OS compatible with the required DirectX 12 of course.

Mogoko3038d ago

Only just got windows 7!!

Dovahkiin3038d ago

Same, won't be switching either.

Unless there is a huge reason to, which I highly doubt.

2pacalypsenow3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

It took windows 7 3 years to make it past the 500 million mark W8 is gonna make it in 1 ?? And with MS pushing the tablet interface??? i dont think so