Pornography websites are NOT the most dangerous place on the web any more

Dailymail: Pornography websites are no longer the most 'dangerous' places on the web when it comes to picking up viruses.
Security experts Symantec released their annual report on the state of malicious software, and pornographic sites now rank 10th as the riskiest to visit.

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fatstarr3406d ago

truth truth truth.

Increasing risk to phone and Mac users

its true that theres a new way of spreading malicious content in 2011-2012
Males have gotten wiser when it comes to porn now lol years of practice not clicking bad adds and bad sites and the introduction of streaming media vs downloads has made it even safer.
the easiest thing to do is target gullible yuppies on innocent sites that know no better.

Article is spot on. mobile will be the next target.

Soldierone3405d ago

It started happening a long time ago. I remember growing up and I'd always be cautious of websites I visited etc....Then my little sister would get on her casual game sites and funny sites etc....and the computer would go to crap within days....Or my mom would click on random emails, and not notice fake websites etc...To this day I cannot teach them that its these websites screwing their computer up, so I gave up and said I'm done fixing it.

A lot of the vulnerable things these days is coming from ads though. Rather its people hacking websites through weak ad code, or ad agencies not filtering it well enough.

Mogoko3406d ago

Well, the thing is. There is so much damn content, and things change so quickly.

Speed-Racer3405d ago

Installing an Adblocker really helps. Most of those trojans find their way onto your system though ad servings...what a devious method.

SilentNegotiator3405d ago

Dirty ads using java and such have been a serious problem lately. There really needs to be more responsibility on ad distributors....I think some lawsuits are in order, really.

Speed-Racer3405d ago

One of the biggest problems is that most larger ad intermediaries don't manually review each ad. Sometimes they might build trust, and an advertiser might sneak in a dirty ad. Also there are networks that simply don't give a damn (i.e. ones who advertise on porn, warez type sites).

reznik_zerosum3405d ago

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Speed-Racer3405d ago

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