Sony Won’t Be Updating The Xperia Play To ICS

TechDeville writes: After buying out the Ericsson side of the business Sony has proved to be very active in updating their devices to Ice Cream Sandwich, but looks like they’ve quietly removed the Xperia Play from the list of devices they’re planning to or have already updated to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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fatstarr3403d ago

like I said the phone would be a flop
secretly removing it from the public eye.

all it really was was an android competitor to the vita.

Captain Tuttle3403d ago

Good point. Just one more bad decision in a string of bad ones from Sony corporate.

SnakeCQC3402d ago

this is why the only android phone i will ever buy are the google ones ive had htc and samsung but they prefer to release a new phone with the new update rather than support their not even that old phones

KingPin3402d ago

ive noticed something about HTC <being an owner of them> they update the OS once and thats it. doesnt matter if the hardware is good. one update and its on to the next one.

thank god for custom roms and the dedicated xda community.

Soldierone3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

nevermind just the phone update itself.....lame. I have the worst luck with buying phones that don't update to the latest version.....oh well.