MIT Students Create The Future With An iPad And A Glove

CultofMac - You’ve seen Stephen Spielberg’s film, Minority Report, right? Tom Cruise’s character stands in front of virtual screens, puts on a pair of gloves, and manipulates the data and the memories without touching a thing. Well, the super brains at MIT’s media lab have taken the first step toward that reality, using Apple’s magical device as a display screen and a special glove/attachment combo to interact with it.

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fatstarr3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

this is pretty much the future. - the ipad
in the future we will be able to manipulate these objects via hologram or maybe even glasses.

glasses are more plausible.

but if only someone could add this and other inventions similar to this into one big concept. the future would be here.

sometimes you have to say fuck patents. since it prevents things like this.

sjaakiejj3409d ago

It's not quite as black and white as "patents prevent things like this". Patents are very much a double-edged blade - they encourage innovation as well as discourage it.

Patents force companies to make their inventions public if they want to protect them, but companies that use them need to pay royalties to patent holders. In the past, competing companies would not even know about the inventions made in the other companies, reducing collaborative innovation.