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Company Fined For Angry Birds and Cut The Rope Scam writes: "A company has been fined for using the Angry Birds and Cut the Rope apps to trick users into signing up for premium rate text messages. PhonepayPlus, a subsidiary of telecommunications regulator Ofcom, said it received 34 complaints related to unexpected charges that were triggered by the download of the apps."

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fatstarr3411d ago

I would think something was up if I went to download a popular app
and it only had 10k downloads...

Soldierone3411d ago

I kinda wish Google would review apps. Well actually.....since they removed all the emulators they should. They remove emulators and protect the companies, but won't do the same favor for the customer?

I mostly say that because I'm tired of shuffling through pages of crap to find something decent (but then again the Ipod is like that too....)

gaffyh3411d ago

They should have like a approved apps section, and unapproved apps section.