Researchers Hoping To ‘Eliminate Death’ By 2045, Working On Humanoid Robot Avatars

NRM writes "It is estimated that a total of 55.3 million people die each year, equivalent to almost 2 every single second. Death is a fact of life, or so we thought. A project by the name of Russia 2045 is ambitiously attempting to conquer immortality in as little as 33 years by way of creating humanoid robots that have human personalities stored on artificial brains..."

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Lord_Sloth3411d ago

But if it's just my personality it's not my brain which means it's not my consciousness. So it's not me. I want to still be me, not just something like me.

DarkBlood3411d ago

well we as we are would end with the last memory prior to adding to it in your robot life so while the original you would die of natural casues your duplicate with all ideas you had but didnt have enough time would be able to continue it

so really i dont see everyone getting this tech applied to them this seems like something you do for important people in science n so forth

Lord_Sloth3411d ago

Yet it's still just an AI. It lacks the imagination to create new ideas.

xVeZx3411d ago

so its like surrogates kind of

Nitrox3411d ago

Silly Russians. You know, I'd expect this sort of thing to come from Japan...

GameOn3405d ago

Never underestimate the russians.

sjaakiejj3411d ago

Reminds me of Portal 2, transferring your personality into a robot/computer. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

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The story is too old to be commented.