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Losing unlimited data a problem for iPhone 5 buyers

iPhone Rumors writes: Looking forward to the iPhone 5 release later this year – We’ve looked at what might stop some iPhone owners from upgrading to the 6th generation iPhone, and top of the list seems to be losing the unlimited data option with Verizon users.

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danswayuk3406d ago

There is no way you'll want to pay full price for an iPhone 5, but to keep unlimited data on Verizon it might be a must.

Soldierone3406d ago

Sometimes you can talk them into letting you keep it when you upgrade. They tried to take it away from me, but i said I would go elsewhere then since my contract is up and suddenly "oh let me make an exception for you....."

iliimaster3405d ago

umm who stands to loose more here? this will only be music to Tmobile and Sprints ears