Google’s Knowledge Graph: Wikipedia on steroids, or the beginning of the end for the web?

Extremetech: Further establishing itself as the Borg of the web, Google is adding a Knowledge Graph capability to its search engine. Simply put, Google will now try and answer your question right on the search results page — no need to actually visit Wikipedia or your favorite travel information site when Google can simply absorb their data and present it to you nicely formatted along with a few choice ads.

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fatstarr3403d ago

New to me I can see the creepy factor in this come two years time.

sjaakiejj3402d ago

The author of this article seems to have misunderstood what Knowledge Graph actually is. Knowledge Graph gives you a very quick idea of what something you're searching for is, or a very simple answer to your question. The user can then enter the appropriate website to get a more extensive answer.

Since short answers are rarely enough, it just helps the user identify if his search terms are correct for the answer he is looking for, and the websites themselves will give a complete answer on whatever he wants to know.

For instance, he may be looking for "bronx zoo", but what he really wants to know is which animals are in that zoo. Knowledge Graph doesn't, and won't, display that information.