Sony at E3 2012: what to expect

Techradar: Sony 'won' the last generation of consoles, hands-down. Both the Gamecube and Xbox were in a distant second place to the PlayStation 2, and probably knocked into third by the PlayStation itself.

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fatstarr3412d ago

SONY needs to stick to one thing and get good at it like Nintendo

big investments like the
and 3D tvs aren't smart.

"We're not predicting the PS4 for this year. It's still early in the PS3's life cycle"

its dead late in console cycle years. the public doesnt care if you invested its past its time frame. I expect to see a ps4 from sony No gimmicks, no lame new features or etc. if sony wants to place higher than 2nd this e3 they need to talk next gen thats the onlything that will get them moving.