iPhone 5 Screen: Will Things Get Ugly?

Mac News World: With the introduction of the iPhone 5, Apple may finally enlarge the smartphone's screen. While a larger screen would provide much more interface space for apps, it would also mean developers will have yet another display size to deal with. That won't necessarily make it impossible to run old apps on new hardware, but it may lead to aesthetic compromises.

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iSpy3412d ago

Apple wont go for big screen, they are not stupid like Samsung...

chriski3333412d ago

Yea hey guys let's just make a long screen and be stupid like apple

fatstarr3412d ago

Apple will go for what ever it takes to put them on the same level as the SGIII

Patriots_Pride3412d ago

LOL your name says it all.

Apple are capable of doing anything to make millions and be on top.

Dont surprise if Apple files for a Patent for smart phones to have bigger screens.

toaster3411d ago

I don't think Apple will use a bigger screen. When the original was in development, Apple did tons of research on ergonomics and usability. They decided that the size of the screen is perfect for hands. With iPhone you can touch anywhere on the screen without shifting your hands around. On the larger Android devices you need to juggle the phone around in your hand to reach corners. This might seem very little and is often overlooked but it plays a huge part on how the consumer interacts with the device.

SJIND3412d ago

Extra pixels would be wasted and make it more difficult for App developers to develop universal apps.
What do we gain from this longer screen?

fatstarr3412d ago

Monopolies and assholeism, new types of apps only available for the newest I phone members club.

Gondee3412d ago

Well, it has always been up to the developer what they support. So i don' know how that makes apple evil. Android has this problem. Im assuming your a "fandroid" by your post fatstar. You apple might introduce one degree of fragmentation, when android has hundreds of new ones per year.

RedDragan3412d ago

Apple should concentrate of making their phones capable of making phone calls. Anyone got an iPhone 4S? Do the two words 'No' and 'Service' come to mind?

It is the worst phone I have ever had, glad I didn't pay for it. Will never buy an Apple phone.

theDECAY3412d ago

I don't seem to have any issues. Could be your carrier. :)

RedDragan3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

I have tried a two different carriers, Orange/T-Mobile who are essentially two carriers in their own right but merged and use eachothers equipment... and now O2. I have also had a few replacement phones as well.

The thing is the others in my house use Orange/T-Mobile and they have great signal on their phones (not iPhone) and I have a works phone which is O2 and that also has great reception.

The issue appears to have been introduced since the 5.0.1 issue for some iPhone 4S and iPad 2 models, and a fix has already been released for the iPad 2 where they found the phone's signal software was crashing when switching between 2G and 3G. But the fix was not put in the latest iOS5 patch for the iPhone 4S.

My goodness, if you look at the Apple forums it appears to be quite widespread with people in random countries having the problem. It is defo a software issue, not hardware, because all of us noticed it happened after the battery update patch not long after launch.

(PS. Props to the Apple support... no questions, they just swap the phone! Amazing. Although the first time they weren't giving me an unused phone, or atleast one wrapped in plastic around the box. I queried that and he happily went to get one that was, he didn't even argue that fact. Great stuff on that front)

Gondee3412d ago

Mine has always been good. Probably your carrier, and lack of coverage i your area.

The iPhone 4s has 4 antena gates btw, and optimizes signal to the best side. While it may not get signal like a N8 it is better than 90% of phones on the market.

toaster3411d ago

I got my girlfriend a 4S... she doesn't seem to have any problems with it.