350° : Microsoft Announced its own social network | Microsoft has finally announced its social networking site. Microsoft has also pointed out that people should continue using other services like facebook and twitter.

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Kurylo3d3409d ago

They certainly are making it easy on u by allowing you to sign in with your facebook account. lol.

extermin8or3409d ago

Until fb find out and block it :p

Speed-Racer3409d ago

*facepalm* You do realize Facebook and Microsoft are actually working together on this and a number of other projects, right?

This post doesn't exactly report all the facts about the situation is not a direct competitor to Facebook, so that's one reason why they are allowing quick sign ins from other platforms like Twitter and FB.

extermin8or3409d ago

@racer-X that's not what the post said so my comment was based on it appearing to be a competitor to facebook, and facebook have a reputation for blocking themselves from use on anything that competes with them after the google plus thing and importing contacts;I personally find the idea of everyone being able to see what im looking at online horrible i'd rather have it that if im on a social site fine im being social but if im not whatever I'm doing whether it be work, reading about a hobby, playing a game or on a forum etc i'd rather people not see if haven't sent them a link :p (im saying what sites im on but clearly reffering to my searches :P) and well it's powered by bing which is inferior to google by a fari margin as I occasionally use it

IHateYouFanboys3409d ago

Microsoft are part owners of facebook lol. like not just bought shares when it went public or anything - they literally bought a percentage of the company a few years back.

SilentNegotiator3409d ago

Soon it will be a requirement for a bunch of apps and to talk to friends that use those apps. Windows Live 2.0


rmedtx3409d ago

I will for sure stay away from that.

Myst3409d ago

So many social networking sites :|

WebDevil3409d ago

Definitely gonna try it!!

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