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The super green machine: New Porsche can hit 201mph and can do 94 miles to the gallon

Dailymail: Supercars generally have the reputation for being gas-guzzlers as they rage across our roads with a need for speed.
But the new Porsche 918 Spyder may be about to change all that - for while it manages a top speed of 201mph, it also manages an economic 94 miles to the gallon.

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ProjectVulcan3414d ago

You just spent 1.5 million dollars on this. Do you really care if it does 94 miles to the gallon or 9.4?

Its nice enough but it won't do 94 miles to the gallon anyway, pure PR hype- Maybe if you drive along in top gear on a perfectly level road at about 25mph.

The question surely is, who owning a 200mph Porsche would actually do that?

SJIND3414d ago

Wow Porsche became economic...! but i'm waiting for lamborghini...