Chrome is Now the Most-Used Browser

Global Nerdy - According to StatCounter, the web analytics service used by both this blog and the Accordion Guy blog, Chrome has just edged past Internet Explorer in usage share. This is quite a change from a year ago, when Internet Explorer still held first place at about 45% and Chrome was a distant third with about 20% by StatCounter’s measurements.

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Captain Tuttle3404d ago

I really like Chrome, Firefox is a dinosaur.

Blackdeath_6633403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

you are very mistaken. mass advertising and public appeal is what made chrome popular, but that doesn't mean firefox has suddenly become a dinosaur. infact firefox runns better in many respects. i used chrome for a while and experienced sh*t loads of chrashes and plugin failures. i was also suprised that it was slower than firefox i actualy believed the adverts and thought chrome would be wasn't. apart from the design, firefox still tops chrome in many ways.
Last but not least firefox is a profit free company and so they won't try to impose their services upon you.

Dovahkiin3404d ago

Firefox is still my browser of choice.

Speed-Racer3403d ago

I still use Firefox. Chrome gets just as heavy, minus the occasional memory leaks.

fatstarr3403d ago

yea chrome takes up sticks of ram especially when you have 100+ tabs open. always have to kill flash and other extensions to free up memory.

Dovahkiin3400d ago

100+ tabs open? Why on earth would you ever have that many tabs open, haha?

fatstarr3400d ago

lol I dont know why It always gets that far

I just open up new tabs and visit lots of sites and watch lots of videos.

SJIND3403d ago

Interesting North Americans use IE more than Chrome or Firefox. Why???
I prefer Chrome...

Speed-Racer3403d ago

All computers come with IE installed as the default browsers. On the corporate level it makes more sense to use IE because administrators have an easier time filtering what content users can access or download. Chrome does not require Admin privileges for add ons etc, which could possibly circumvent the terminal and network.

fatstarr3403d ago

there is commercials for IE9 now and once windows 8 hits it will be the browser of choice.

the masses dont know anything Ive learned this along time ago. what ever is sparkly wins.

fatstarr3403d ago

SMH RIP, I really do Enjoy chrome but nothing compares to my firefox 2._ with all the addons I will never upgrade it.

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