Is YouTube close to becoming TheirTube?

TechRadar - YouTube celebrated its seventh birthday in the geekiest way possible this week – with a deluge of stats. Apparently there are now 72 hours of footage uploaded to the site every minute of every day which equates to a lot of Charlie Bit My Finger wannabes.

Seven years is a long time on the web – Zuckerberg was still working on Facebook in his dorm room when YouTube launched – and the YouTube of today is far different from the site that first began on the web back in 2005.

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mushroomwig3408d ago

Youtube has become worse over the years, I understand it takes a lot of money to run a site like this but this is Google we're talking about, someone needs to draw the line somewhere when it comes to the ads and copyright.

It's to the point where you can't even upload a 20 second clip of something without getting an email or it getting taken down.

fatstarr3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

youtube has become better over the years. I was there from DAY one and made an account soon after.

Theres tons of hidden pirated content you just gotta know how to find it

the people that make series are the money makers for youtube. so in a sense its their site since their content keeps the most interest. ex epic meal time..

it takes 10 hours on a good day to make 1 hour of content, from recording, editing, scripting, rendering etc. most people dont have time to do that.

naming is key.
ads come with the territory.