Windows 8 kills off “dated and cheesy” Aero

Extremetech: In what must surely be the longest Windows 8 treatise yet, Microsoft has spent 11,048 words describing the birth, evolution, and future of the Windows user interface. Hidden within the morass of design notes and historical navel gazing there is one notable change: The final build of Windows 8, due this fall, will feature a rejigged, Aero-free Desktop.

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arnyftw3412d ago

I actually like Aero,I would be pissed if its isnt in 8

bub163412d ago

Totally agree. I recently switched to windows 7 basic which doesn't support aero! ITS HORRIBLE!

wishingW3L3412d ago

Honestly? Based on that screen it looks miles away better than the Aero but still, the desktop is nothing more than a secondary GUI. We still have to deal with that Metro convoluted mess to access many important stuff. I hope MS reconsider this and makes a version with just the desktop GUI because it'll be annoying to have to be constantly changing between one interface to the other. =/

sjaakiejj3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Meh, every time I hear something new about Windows 8 I like it even less. Stupid thing is - they're probably going to end up forcing us to buy it in order to play new games at Direct-X 12.

I hope Valve's Linux initiative will garner up a stronger following in terms of Games for a proper operating system, where I can make it look however I want it to look. It's really the only reason I still have Windows installed at all, I use Linux for everything else.