Apple is third, Nokia is second, Samsung is first

Smashiphone: It’s no secret that mobile brands are at constant war with each other, with each brand vying for top positions in any chart ranking, often initiated by various organizations, business investment firms and industry watchguards.

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fatstarr3417d ago

I thought nokia fell off the face of the earth. but they are still alive apparently.

Speed-Racer3417d ago

Isn't Nokia behind the Lumia brand? I think it's not yet safe to say they are out of the game. There is a lot of potential behind those Windows phones.

sealava3416d ago

even though i have Samsung and wife has iPhone i still think the giant Nokia will always stay big ... its phone library is still impressive ,it's very reliable , cheap , and in reach of the ordinary man if life mess's you up .

mushroomwig3416d ago

Apple is third? I didn't expect that.

SJIND3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

It's because There is only one iPhone per Year, but samsung and nokia releases number of phones. For me Apple is best then Nokia then Samsung...

Speed-Racer3416d ago

AND Apple is barely improving on its technology while other manufacturers are now jumping bounds and leaps ahead. The new iPad was barely anything of an improvement over the iPad 2, yet they marketed like it was something completely out of the box. If they keep up with that trend they might be 4th or 5th soon enough.

Cat3416d ago

Hmm, I think SJIND is pointing out that the obligatory "ranking" depends on your scale. For example, Apple more than doubled its global mobile presence since last year - with far fewer models in production than the competition.

Speed-Racer3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

That's true but I think Apple has done well more because of their product presentation rather than what they actually have to offer. Other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC just don't market like Apple does. They say "hey, look at how cool our phones are cause of XX specs" but Apple convinces you that you NEED an iPhone/iPad etc. Some buy it for simplicity, some buy it cause it is good quality, but I believe many others buy it because of the easily buying a Nike jersey over an unlabeled jersey because of the branding.

There must come a point though where this can't work forever....but I still will be reserved about my comments till after the iPhone 5 comes out. If they offer something that's just a step above...then I could officially say they are trying to milk to market, but if they offer something totally groundbreaking, well I'll be fine with them.

People always say how XX Apple product will blow the others out of the water till it's actually released, only to realize it's not really what we all expected. This is why I ignore rumors.

LOL_WUT3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

@ SJIND totally agree.

Once they release the iPhone 5 it would put them back on top.

Jessei19863415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Steve Wozniak's praise of the Nokia Lumia 900 should make next quarter's figures more interesting . . .