MPAA: Piracy is not Theft

What's Hawt: After years of coming down on movie and television pirates, the MPAA is now taking a different approach to the fight on illegal online content distribution.

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fatstarr3417d ago

the industry as a whole should just accept the loss. a new system definitely needs to be made. no one buys digital media anymore times is hard.
eliminate the greed
eliminate actors making 10-100's of millions
eliminate sports professionals making millions as well

there's tons that can be done. and dont give me that bs about families and hard working people working for those companies

cut 20 million from one of those big name actors and you can pay the support staff for years and years.

Kurylo3d3416d ago

Thats the stupidest suggestion ive ever heard. Tell them to stop paying the big name actors lol. If it wasnt for those big name actors half the movies we see wouldnt get half the people in the seats. Paying actors high is just part of marketing and a good investment.

On the main topic. A BETTER suggestion is simply stop making it so difficult... if a studio wants to make money off its movies... heres an idea... apply a new model. Each studio should create their own netflix for their own movies streamable. Charge a monthly fee like netflix, dirt cheap. People will pay it and it would be like a dvd bought every month instead of no one buying dvds in favor of torrenting. Right now its much easier to torrent, but most people would pay the money for a streamable service because of CONVENIENCE. $7 is not too expensive for convenience.

The film industry should shift its mind to making it more convenient for their customers instead of trying to block sites like mega upload... because that will only fail and only backfire on them.

Soldierone3416d ago

Have to disagree..... look at how many movies of recent times have blown up box office out of no where for being simply....good. Then you realize "wow no one really name worthy is in here"

Why? Because those without the name have to make a name for themselves, so they are really talented. Meanwhile Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise in Tom Cruise Fights a Ninja.

And look at how many big name movies absolutely bomb.....because of the point fatstarr made....people are saving money and wanting to only pay to see good things. Honestly I'm mad as heck when i go to a theater and a movie sucks....I don't care who is in it. In fact when they are touting around some big star I'm more likely to not go.

gaden_malak3416d ago

As an aside, I would go see Tom Cruise fights a ninja.

Greyfoxdbz3416d ago

Piracy ISN'T a loss, if you went inside someone's house and took their TV then they would no longer have that TV. If you download from a virtual source then it still remains after the download. Chances are that anyone downloading something doesn't really have the money to purchase it anyway so its not really a loss.

gaden_malak3416d ago

That is massively ignorant. Nothing is so black and white.

Of course it's a loss. There are millions of people who could afford to see a movie but won't because they can download it. For free.

Chances are, if there were no such thing as the ability to download a movie, these people would be seeing some of these movies.

Greyfoxdbz3416d ago

You say that my comment is ignorant and nothing is black and white, then go on to say it IS a loss without evidence or logic to the contrary. I'm not an ignorant person sir. I can tell you this because I know myself better than you know me from a single comment. I can also tell you that piracy is a good thing in some respects. For example my friend downloaded (illegally) a video game that he never intended to buy. He loved it so much that he bought tons of stuff relating to the game he loved, such as sequels, novelty items and T-shirts. Tell me how they made a loss.

BrutallyBlunt3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

You can't simply remove the pay scale. When an actor like Denzel Washington makes 20 million dollars per picture (I'm just guessing) part of that goes to his agent, his staff and so on. Then you need to take taxes into consideration (unless you're Wesley Snipes). So there's more to it than a lump sum handed to just one guy. Also if he can use his acting skills to get people to watch his movies more than 99% of the other actors shouldn't he be paid more than them? If people excel in life they should be rewarded.

Making people on an even playing field sounds ethical but it simply doesn't work. I do agree things have gotten out of hand. Most people can no longer take their families to sports games because of outrageous prices but that's what TV's are for I guess. Problem is to suggest that nobody should buy digital music because times are tough is ludicrous. Music is not an essential service in life. People need to get paid for their work and just because you can access it through your computer on your internet connection that you seem to enjoy, even though you're suffering hard times, is a bit of a stretch.

"Yeah, times are tough, I shouldn't have to pay for vehicle insurance or gas as I drive around in my 2 SUV's"

mushroomwig3417d ago

Still, you don't need $20 million for all that, even after paying his agent, staff and all the bills he would still be a multi millionaire, which is just crazy.

BrutallyBlunt3417d ago

Of course it's crazy to you and I but there needs to be growth in where people can get to. You can't have a cap on a salary when it's all about supply and demand. If Avatar 2 makes 2 billion dollars at the box office how should they divide the revenues? Should James Cameron only get $500,000?

Maybe a percentage of the total profits is in order instead of upfront fees based on past performance. That's why golf players earn a bit more respect to me than other sports players. Their salaries are based on performance, not multi-year deals we see in other sports.

Regardless, making a statement that times are tough is a reason to not pay makes absolutely no sense. Music artists need to be paid just like everyone else who works.

Kurylo3d3416d ago

quite frankly that 20 million dollars for denzel washington or will smith is worth it. Do you know why? Those actors have fans. That means you got about an extra 50 to 100 million dollars at least for your movie. It just pretty much gaurantees the success and is marketing by getting people interested in your movie without even saying a word. Just saying the name denzel means you already are curious what the movie is going to be.

Speed-Racer3417d ago

Took him enough years to see the light...hopefully the RIAA takes note as well.

mushroomwig3417d ago

After seeing how much money the Avengers made at the box office it's obvious that piracy isn't really an issue.

SnakeCQC3417d ago

call of duty mw3 was the most profitable game ever making in over a billion and it was the most pirated there are soooo many examples of this which makes it pain stakingly obvious that piracy is the scape goat of choice when crap movies or games tank. They more than cover their losses in the in the box office but bitch and moan when people pirate them.The reason most people do it is they are fans and have bought previous installments or completely new to whatever movie or game and will buy future ones and the final reason is that there is such a massive time discrepancy when something is released between other countries.

BlackTar1873416d ago

u can't base your opinion on the Gold standard of that respected industry.

sjaakiejj3415d ago

"The reason most people do it is they are fans and have bought previous installments or completely new to whatever movie or game and will buy future ones"

You have anything to back that up? Looking at the numbers, most people who pirate something end up never buying the product.

PFirefly3416d ago

About time part of the industry pulled their heads out of their butts.

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