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The Internet Is Redefining Human Identity In The UK

672 days 20 hours ago - NRM: "Social networks, games, and internet hyperconnectivity is changing notions of identity in the UK, according to a report from the British gove... | Article | Web


Digital Data Stored On DNA. The Hard Drive Of The Future?

673 days 19 hours ago - NRM: "Researchers have successfully encoded MP3s, text files and JPEGs into DNA files, claiming that the biomolecular material will become an "attr... | News | Culture


The Empire Strikes Back Against White House Snub Of Death Star Petition

675 days 18 hours ago - NRM: "Following the refusal of a petition to build a Death Star, the Dark Side have responded directly to the Obama Administration, claiming they h... | News | Culture


Functional Iron Man Laser Gauntlet Brings Life To Stan Lee's Imaginations

675 days 18 hours ago - NRM: "After causing chaos in Liberty City, the shadowy agents of Tony Stark seek to get their technology out into the real world. Patrick Priebe of... | News | Culture


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'Beatoven.' Make And Mix Music With A Cooking Pot

679 days 2 hours ago - NRM: "Korean artist Viktor Jan has combined music and cooking in a way you've never known before with Beatoven. We understand that they are rather... | News | Culture


'Star Wars' Got It Wrong. What Jumping To Hyperspace Would Actually Look Like

679 days 14 hours ago - NRM: "As is commonplace in science fiction, when a spacecraft makes the "jump to lightspeed," stars in the galaxy stretch in front of your eyes. B... | News | Culture


Mars Rover Curiosity To Drill Into First Martian Rock. Search For Evidence Of Water

679 days 23 hours ago - NRM: "NASA has announced that the Mars rover Curiosity will drill into Martian rock for the first time to look for proof that water once existed on... | News | Culture

Astronomers Discover The Largest Structure In The Universe

682 days 9 hours ago - NRM: "An international team of astronomers, led by academics from the University of Central Lancashire has found "the largest known structure in th... | News | Culture


White House Declines Petition To Build A Death Star

684 days 2 hours ago - NRM: "The White House has formally responded to a petition for the construction of a Death Star, politely declining on the grounds that constructio... | News | Culture

UK University To Research Stroke Victim Recovery Using The Kinect

685 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "Nottingham Trent University is to conduct research using Microsoft's Kinect to help stroke victims. After being awarded £347,000, the team... | News | Culture


The Science Of How Comment Trolls Influence Your Opinion

685 days 20 hours ago - NRM: "It's almost second nature to expect a series of trollish comments below any science story published on the internet. Generally, we like to t... | Article | Culture


'#Overlyhonestmethods' Uncovers The Hilarious Truth Behind Scientific Method

686 days 21 hours ago - NRM: "Multidisciplinary scientist Dr. Leigh posted a tweet using the hashtag #overlyhonestmethods on January 7th. What has followed is a hilarious... | Article | Culture


You Can Now Apply To Be Part Of A Mars Colony For Reality TV

687 days 13 hours ago - NRM: "Netherlands based organisation Mars One has begun accepting applications for "Mars colony pioneers:" a one-way ticket to a human settlement o... | News | Culture


Blocking Pirate Websites Does Not Stop Online Piracy

688 days 23 hours ago - NRM: "Research conducted by Boston Northeastern University has determined various anti-piracy strategies, including censorship and blockades, are n... | News | Culture


'Google Time' Smart Watch Concept Presents Bright Future Of Wearable Tech

690 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "User Interface designer Adrian Maciburko has created a concept dubbed 'Google Time.' As the idea of wearable computing rapidly becomes a tec... | Article | Culture


Scientists Reach A Temperature Lower Than Absolute Zero

692 days 22 hours ago - NRM: "Physicists at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany have hit a temperature lower than absolute zero, rewriting the laws of physics in t... | News | Culture


Researchers Use Electricity To Release Human Brain's Strongest Opioid Painkillers

693 days 10 hours ago - NRM: "A team of international researchers have used a form of electro stimulation called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to release... | News | Culture


'Sound Bottle' Captures And Remixes The Soundtrack Of Your Life

695 days 1 hour ago - NRM: "Re: Sound Bottle is rather unlike any audio recording device you've ever seen before. It's a device that captures and plays back noises, ope... | News | Culture


Twitter-Controlled Cockroach Explores Human Relationship With Social Media

696 days 4 hours ago - NRM: "Chances are you wouldn't expect a cockroach to make a statement about the overstimulating connection between humans and social media. But th... | News | Culture


Manned Commercial Flights To The Moon By 2020. $1.4 Billion For A Ticket

721 days ago - NRM: "Former NASA executives unveiled "The Golden Spike Company," which plans to send manned spaceflights to the moon by 2020, offering private exp... | News | Culture


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