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Google-Designed Touchscreen 'Chromebook Pixel' Leaked In Concept Video

718 days 22 hours ago - NRM: "Developer Francois Beaufort has published information leaking a new device named Chromebook Pixel. It is a Google-made Chromebook with a ful... | News | Gadgets


Kickstarter Project Launched For 'Open Source Death Star'

719 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "If one thing has been made abundantly clear, it's that you people really want a Death Star. Following last year's petition being turned down... | News | Culture


The Art Of Databending

724 days 10 hours ago - NRM: "Databending, a concept somewhat akin to circuit bending, is the purposeful creation of glitches within sound files, text, images or videos th... | Article | Culture


HMV Employee Live-Tweets Sacking From Official Company Twitter Account

725 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "The triple-dip recession has hit HMV significantly, and as workers faced the sack, the retailer's official Twitter account was hijacked by an... | News | Culture


Filmwatch Contest Details

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£1 Billion Supercomputer To Reconstruct And Simulate 'Entire Human Brain'

726 days 11 hours ago - NRM: "An international group of researchers have secured over £1 billion to fund the incredibly ambitious 'Human Brain project.' Scientists will s... | News | Culture


Stanford Researchers Build Million-Core Supercomputer

726 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "As you're aware, most computers have four processor cores, some have eight; but a team at Stanford have built a supercomputer that contains o... | News | Hi-tech


Secrets Of Beatboxing Revealed With MRI Scanner

728 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "Scientists at the University of Southern California have used real-time magnetic resonance imaging (rtMRI) to figure out how beatboxers make... | News | Culture


Chinese Hacker Creates Voice-Controlled R2-D2

728 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "All the women out there whose men just don't cut it in the gift department, gaze upon the glory of Lingxiang Xiang and despair at your man ye... | News | Culture


Scientists Create Real-Life 'Tractor Beam.' Star Trek Becomes Reality

731 days 10 hours ago - NRM: "A team of scientists from Scotland and the Czech Republic has created a real-life “tractor” beam, as featured in the Star Trek movies, which... | News | Culture


The Internet Is Redefining Human Identity In The UK

732 days 18 hours ago - NRM: "Social networks, games, and internet hyperconnectivity is changing notions of identity in the UK, according to a report from the British gove... | Article | Web


Digital Data Stored On DNA. The Hard Drive Of The Future?

733 days 18 hours ago - NRM: "Researchers have successfully encoded MP3s, text files and JPEGs into DNA files, claiming that the biomolecular material will become an "attr... | News | Culture


The Empire Strikes Back Against White House Snub Of Death Star Petition

735 days 17 hours ago - NRM: "Following the refusal of a petition to build a Death Star, the Dark Side have responded directly to the Obama Administration, claiming they h... | News | Culture


Functional Iron Man Laser Gauntlet Brings Life To Stan Lee's Imaginations

735 days 17 hours ago - NRM: "After causing chaos in Liberty City, the shadowy agents of Tony Stark seek to get their technology out into the real world. Patrick Priebe of... | News | Culture


'Beatoven.' Make And Mix Music With A Cooking Pot

739 days 1 hour ago - NRM: "Korean artist Viktor Jan has combined music and cooking in a way you've never known before with Beatoven. We understand that they are rather... | News | Culture


'Star Wars' Got It Wrong. What Jumping To Hyperspace Would Actually Look Like

739 days 13 hours ago - NRM: "As is commonplace in science fiction, when a spacecraft makes the "jump to lightspeed," stars in the galaxy stretch in front of your eyes. B... | News | Culture


Mars Rover Curiosity To Drill Into First Martian Rock. Search For Evidence Of Water

739 days 22 hours ago - NRM: "NASA has announced that the Mars rover Curiosity will drill into Martian rock for the first time to look for proof that water once existed on... | News | Culture

Astronomers Discover The Largest Structure In The Universe

742 days 8 hours ago - NRM: "An international team of astronomers, led by academics from the University of Central Lancashire has found "the largest known structure in th... | News | Culture


White House Declines Petition To Build A Death Star

744 days ago - NRM: "The White House has formally responded to a petition for the construction of a Death Star, politely declining on the grounds that constructio... | News | Culture

UK University To Research Stroke Victim Recovery Using The Kinect

745 days 6 hours ago - NRM: "Nottingham Trent University is to conduct research using Microsoft's Kinect to help stroke victims. After being awarded £347,000, the team... | News | Culture


The Science Of How Comment Trolls Influence Your Opinion

745 days 19 hours ago - NRM: "It's almost second nature to expect a series of trollish comments below any science story published on the internet. Generally, we like to t... | Article | Culture


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