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Google+ is splitting into Photos and Streams

270 days 1 hour ago - NRM: "Long time VP of product for Google and recently appointed head of Google+, Bradley Horowitz, announced today via the network that he is begin... | News | Web


This Japanese piggybacking robot feeds you tomatoes while you run a marathon

278 days 4 hours ago - NRM: "When you think of wearable tech, would a robot that you carry via piggyback while it feeds you tomatoes during a marathon come to mind? If yo... | News | Culture


This smart projector works in any light bulb socket, and could be the future of the smart home

278 days 12 hours ago - NRM: "The smart home has always been an expensive prospect, especially when it comes to home theatre systems. Beam could be the Android-powered pro... | Article | Gadgets


Pinch, bend and tie cables to control your electronics with 'Cord UI'

279 days 5 hours ago - NRM: "The cables in your life may just be for transferring power and data right now. But The Tangible Media Group at MIT's Media Lab are looking to... | News | Gadgets


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DARPA creates tech that lets robots learn from YouTube videos

301 days 6 hours ago - NRM: "In another step towards robots becoming self-aware, DARPA and the University of Maryland have created a program which gives them the ability... | News | Hi-tech


Headset 'Brand Killer' filters out ads from the real world

303 days 16 hours ago - NRM: "A team of hackers have created a headset that can block out any brands, logos or adverts in the real world. Put simply by the developers, it'... | News | Culture


Research Shows Men Who Post Selfies May Have Psychological Issues

320 days 11 hours ago - NRM: "If you are a man who takes and shares a lot of selfies in your life, you could be a psychopath according to a study surveying the social medi... | News | Culture


NASA's Kepler Telescope Discovers The Most 'Earth-Like' Planets Ever

325 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "Astronomers announced that they have found eight new exoplanets using NASA's Kepler Telescope, two of which are more Earth-like than anything... | News | Culture


The Channel 13 Facebook Hoax. Your Data Is Never Private

327 days 1 hour ago - NRM: "So many of you have probably seen long Facebook statuses talking about 'Channel 13,' proclaiming that Facebook cannot use any of their profil... | News | Web


NASA Proposes Sending Humans To The Skies Of Venus

341 days 4 hours ago - NRM: "NASA scientists have created a study proposing humans go colonise Venus. However, since the surface of the planet has 92 times more pressure... | News | Culture


Double Amputee Makes History By Controlling Two Robotic Arms With His Mind

344 days 15 hours ago - NRM: "Colorado man Les Baugh has made history with two bionic arms attached at shoulder level, controlled by his thoughts alone. This makes him the... | News | Culture


Curiosity Rover Finds First Signs Of Potential Life On Mars

345 days 5 hours ago - NRM: "NASA's Curiosity Rover has detected the first signs of organic matter in the form of large quantities of methane on Mars, suggesting the pote... | News | Culture


New Invention Could Make Almost Any Surface Touch Sensitive

346 days 14 hours ago - NRM: "Finnish startup, Canatu, has invented a way to turn almost any surface of any shape into a touch sensor - using transparent films containing... | News | Hi-tech


Artificial skin can give artificial limbs the sense of touch

352 days 23 hours ago - NRM:"There have been some amazing advancements in prosthetic limbs, from mind control to 3D printing. But none have been able to feel a sense of to... | News | Culture


Police To Publicly Name And Shame Drink-Drivers On Twitter This Christmas

361 days 4 hours ago - NRM: "To combat the rising number of drink-drivers around Christmas, Sussex and Surrey police will share the names of people convicted on Twitter." | News | Web


Return Of Kings: For Masculine Bigots

375 days 6 hours ago - NRM: "It's sad to see websites publish content that devolves humanity in some vain attempt to capture more of an audience and appear closer to the... | Opinion piece | Web


3D Printing Helps Restore Lost Visual Memories Of The Blind

394 days 13 hours ago - NRM: "Touchable Memories, a campaign set up by Pirate3D has shown how technology can be used to better lives, through recreating the memories of fi... | News | Gadgets


Microsoft's 'RoomAlive' Turns Your Living Room Into A Video Game Level

418 days 8 hours ago - NRM: "Remember last year's Kinect concept 'IllumiRoom'? Microsoft Research are back with their next iteration of this technology named 'RoomAlive,'... | News | Gadgets


University Of Lincoln Students Create 'Honeybee' Robots To Replicate Swarm Behaviour

430 days 19 hours ago - NRM: "Computer scientists at the University of Lincoln have created an autonomous robot, which can replicate the behaviour of swarming honeybees in... | News | Hi-tech


Robotic Prosthetic Arm Turns Man Into Superhuman Cyborg Drummer

628 days 9 hours ago - NRM: "Drummer Jason Barnes was electrocuted two years ago, which resulted in the amputation of his right arm below the elbow. To most, this would b... | News | Culture


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