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This Self-Driving Delorean Can Drift Like A pro

32 days 10 hours ago - Neo-Entity: "When this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious stuff. Engineers from Stanford University have created... | News | Culture


The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy

41 days 10 hours ago - The Atlantic: "Astronomers have spotted a strange mess of objects whirling around a distant star. Scientists who search for extraterrestrial civili... | News | Culture


Disney-Themed Bionic Hands Let Amputee Children Become Superheroes

41 days 16 hours ago - Neo-Entity: "Star Wars told of a future in which prosthetics were quick, simple, and stylish. That truth is no longer far, far away, thanks to Open... | News | Culture


3D Printing Is Helping Disabled Kittens Walk Again

42 days 14 hours ago - Neo-Entity: "A two-legged kitten has been given the gift of walking with the help of a 3D printed wheelchair." | News | Culture


PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, Releases.com thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

'RoBoHoN' Is A Mini Robot Smartphone That Sharp Will Sell Soon. Would You Buy One?

48 days 6 hours ago - Neo-Entity: "The idea of a robot sidekick has been one limited only to films, but now Sharp want to make this a reality with RoBoHoN: a mini robot... | News | Phones


Microsoft Has Become Cool Again By Taking A Page Out Of Apple’s Playbook

49 days 6 hours ago - Neo-Entity: "Microsoft killed it today with their Windows 10 Devices event, and they have one company to thank for that: Apple. No this isn’t a fan... | Opinion piece | Gadgets


5 Ways Technology Is Playing A Huge Part In Rugby World Cup 2015

67 days 1 hour ago - Neo-Entity: "The Rugby World Cup is kicking off tonight with England facing Fiji at Twickenham, and the excitement has been huge! We take a closer... | Article | Gadgets


Study Shows People With Large Social Media Followings Are At Increased Risk Of Harm

71 days 20 hours ago - Neo-Entity: "If you have a lot of followers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you are at an increased risk of reputational, psychologic... | News | Web


How are memories created? Study by University of Leicester and UCLA finds out

145 days 11 hours ago - NRM: "While we've figured out many aspects of human life through scientific endeavour, one of the most fascinating is still one shrouded in mystery... | News | Culture


You'll be able to buy a jetpack next year

145 days 14 hours ago - NRM: "Yes you did read that right. The decades old pipedream is true. The Martin Jetpack, created in New Zealand and first flew in 2008, will be av... | News | Culture

Apple Music review: a solid streaming service with an identity crisis

148 days 7 hours ago - NRM: "So Apple Music has launched in over 100 countries today to a fanfare of excitement. On paper it seems like the streaming service everybody ha... | Review | Web


Japanese laboratory teaches robot to sword fight

225 days 23 hours ago - NRM: "The Namiki Laboratory in Japan, well known for its robotic arms and high-speed vision systems, have combined the two into a sword fighting ma... | News | Video


UK Conservative party plans mandatory age checks on porn sites

231 days 15 hours ago - NRM: "If elected in May, the Conservative party has promised to introduce mandatory age-restriction controls for porn sites. Any who do not comply... | News | Web


EE is giving all customers a portable charger

231 days 15 hours ago - NRM: "Disappointed about the loss of your Wednesday weekly cinema offer? Hopefully EE can soften the blow by offering all of their customers a free... | News | Phones


Open Bionics at the Wearable Technology Show

252 days 4 hours ago - NRM: "Can you improve the human body beyond the rate of evolution? Open Bionics have an interesting answer to this question." | Article | Culture


Google's funny autocomplete suggestions have been turned into a game of Family Fortune

253 days 15 hours ago - NRM: "If there's one thing we can settle on, it's that Google's autocomplete suggestions are hilariously odd. But can you think like the search eng... | News | Culture


Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge hands on at the Wearable Technology Show

255 days 23 hours ago - NRM: "Okay, I know that Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphones aren't exactly "wearables," but with plenty of interest around the Galaxy S6 and S6... | Article | Gadgets


Apple announces more about upcoming 'Apple Watch'

261 days 8 hours ago - NRM: "Following the Apple Watch announcement in September, Tim Cook has taken to the stage at their 'Spring Forward' event in San Francisco to anno... | News | Gadgets


British government backs plans to build Europe's first space port in the UK

264 days 20 hours ago - NRM: "The British government have approved plans to build a spaceport in the United Kingdom, set to be fully build and operational by 2018." | News | Industry


Google+ is splitting into Photos and Streams

267 days 3 hours ago - NRM: "Long time VP of product for Google and recently appointed head of Google+, Bradley Horowitz, announced today via the network that he is begin... | News | Web


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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