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mostly a PC gamer at heart. but i do have a PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, 3DS and an iPad that i game on from time to time :D some of my favorite games are: Dota 2 The Elder Scrolls series Tropico series Anno 1404 and 2070 Ratchet & Clank Series Jak & Daxter Series Batman Arkham Series and i love small games like: FTL: Faster than light Antichamber Legend of Grimrock Papers, Please Prime World: Defenders and Prison Architect you can always add me on steam here im mostly always online, and almost always up for a game. no matter what it is, may it be Dota 2, BF4 or some other game. just add me if you like :D just dont be an Ass and dont spam for Trade on steam. i will only trade if i have dupes. of the item or if the item dont interest me. Rares and other stats are meaningless for me. only looks when it comes to trade.

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