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@cobra - yesss :( i ended up reverting as well because I hated having to start every new video on YouTube.

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I meant enabling blocking by default rather than having the user enable it.

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About time! Hopefully Firefox follows suit.

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Meh. Not a big deal.

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That's exactly the thing, some people hate it, and there are others who don't mind it. I like tiny bezels tbh. I just don't get why some authors sometimes cry down an entire phone just because of a bezel.

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I think the whole no bezel thing is an in-vogue phase. One journalist says it sucks and suddenly everyone who wants to seem relevant says the same. I mean edge to edge is cool but some of us like a little bezel, so heck, buy what you want. You don't necessarily need the opinion of a tech journalist to determine what you should get.

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Who cares? At this point there are so many people profiting of other people's work on IG and Twitter. Other brands like Kingdemic, George Takei, and others need to disappear as well for the same reason.

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Wonder how quickly before these devices get leaked into the public's hands.

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In the age of digital forensics, you'd think people would wise up by now. Who could blame a company for wanting to keep its research private?

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Sounds like a safety concern to me.

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CNET did a nice wrap up of the congressmen and women that don't understand how the Internet works

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Not surprising tbh

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Where I live, Apple is seen as a huge status symbol but many cannot afford the latest versions. So you see a lot of people still buying the 6S or 7 just to save a few bucks over the newer models. I got the 8 Plus and was surprised at people's reactions towards it, but then when I visited the US earlier this year, everyone has an iPhone. Dime a dozen.

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Why would I buy and sell with currencies that suffer from major fluctuations? It would be a nightmare for those running businesses to truly see how much they're making on sales.

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From a learning perspective I doubt the regular grandma is going to pick it up unless someone in the family introduces it to her. Sadly the market percentage is still abysmally low so I figure most are still going to opt for windows for that very reason.

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Macs are too expensive still
Grandma can't use Linux or or NIX alternatives
Android is still too basic for desktop processing

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Where are the good guys with the guns that the GOP always talk about?

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Not pointing this at this review in particular, but I feel like sometimes reviews sway what we think phones should be about or look like. I've got an iPhone 8 Plus and it has a somewhat big bezel is comparison to most of the others out on the market today, but I personally like that border versus little to no bezel. I just feel like that are already small, so why make note of it.

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Could you believe the world is bigger than the United States?

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Why is bezel a problem?

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