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Did I see boobs again?


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all I have to say is "ROFL!!!"

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I love Bose and I don't think anyone who has heard a real Bose sound system would say they suck :P and JVC, Panasonic, and Sony have been around for a very long time.

You don't have a profitable business for as much as 30 years by performing sub par.

Admittedly Yamaha has been around a long time as well but they have had some serious flops in their past.

Pioneer only recently started producing affordable home stereo heads up until th...

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In my experience people who use the derogatory term fanboys, are usually fanboys themselves. Just fanboys on the other side of the fence...

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Google isn't playing around Chrome gets regular updates and new plugins all the time. I love chrome now ask me a year ago and I would have said it was a piece of trash, but a lot has changed since then.

Google now has flash support, full java support, and runs considerably leaner then fire-fox, which already ran leaner and safer then IE.

If you haven't tried Chrome try it, and if you tried Chrome more then 6 months ago give it another try a lot has ch...

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Unfortunately Steam deals in a lot of third party applications which they could not convert to operate on the Linux platform due to not having access to the source code.

However ID having open sourced many of their projects, and the half life game engine being owned by steam or "Valve". They could easily port their own games and even some of the ID software games over for a starting point.

I think I would be happy even if a major publisher like Valv...

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The same could be said about sharing real information anywhere...

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LOL I wish I had the $100 to spare for a new graphics card... my power supply blew up a while back, and I haven't even bothered replacing that yet.

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I'm not sure this is right for Tech Spy, wouldn't it be better on N4G? Technically anything related to the Internet and gaming could easily fall under the category of technology, but since there is a site specifically dedicated to gaming... I think the story would do better there.

Not flagging, because as I mentioned technically this could fall under the category of technology... However, I do suggest that you would do better with your story on N4G.

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Precisely! couldn't have said it better myself... the NV OpenGL drivers for linux out perform windows any day. This can be proven by the emulator EpsxE and it's performance under Linux versus Windows.

Then again that may because Pete built the OGL plugin in Linux... Regardless, there just doesn't seem to be enough of a market to convince the publishers to pay extra to have it ported there, and not enough market for the Devs to create it to run on Linux to begin wi...

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I don't know about a theater seems like it might become a mass orgy, but then again Asians don't seem to objectionable to that kind of thing...

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I've never had many good things to say about AOL but then again their methods don't exactly encourage good sport when it comes to talking about them... I had nearly the same situation, I told AOL nearly everything from, I can't afford it, to I don't like your spyware. The eventual response was, to tell them I'd bomb their facilities if they didn't cancel my service, and "NO, I don't want you to give me a year free!"

I really don't lik...

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haha well if the world ends... I'm not sure what good Dial up is going to be ;)

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Well actually you can change the Kernel the environment and any little piece of the distro you want really. You even have the option of changing the kernels source code. or installing a Kernel from another Distro.

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Lame... in our current economic times... rofl, employers can deal with a few slackers playing on a twitter for an hour a day. hell they may even mentiont the company they work for and boost it's exposure. furthermore unless they are just staring at a twitter screen it's no differnt then checking a text on your phone what the heck is the world coming to these days when companies are complaining about people keeping in touch with their families and friends...

~~~~~~ o...

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WTF! Dos was the best! or Unix... perhaps linux? and what about Mac OSX?

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While it may be true that the addresses are running out, it's not likely that this will affect us in the end. If we run out of addresses, it's more likely to me that old out of services addresses will be put to rest, and more companies will be required to use pre-existing servers with their own IP addresses.

In other words rather then every new company getting it's own server and IPm their will be more strict provisions by ISPs on the IP addresses. Most likely mea...

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WTH is wrong with the world today, when cops can video tape us without our consent, but if we happen to catch them doing something they obviously shouldn't be doing. The cops raid our apartments, this is not a free country, this is a police country.

The government wants a dumb public who is easily controlled by the massing of police officers. Just wait we aren't far from becoming a dictatorship if these things are allowed to continue.

It's our o...

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Agreed they have taken their merry little time about getting this done...

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Not really, whether due to mass marketing, or a market open to competition, the release of the new Droid has been highly anticipated. I'm just glad to see some one competing with Apple ;)

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Now I want a PS3 even more zzz... not working hard enough gotta make more money XD

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