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Every corporation has no soul and worships MONEY only. if you think companies are delusional. Money is the only thing they understand. Also those bonuses more than likely went to the mid tier management that was cutting these jobs.

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Anything is better than the crap service from USPS. They DESTROY packages. Many of the carriers are flat out pissed off that they are being forced to deliver all the extra packages and are taking it out on the packages. It shows.

It is sad because there is no way the postal service can sustain itself. They BILLIONS in debt.

Also to those wishing for this, be careful. We will have a bunch of 'freelance' cheap labor delivering packages..that is not...

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The idiots in front of the McDonald's HQ picketing...give yourselves a round of applause. You have successfully lobbied yourself out of a job...FOREVER. Now not only will you not make $15 per hour to perform menial tasks, nobody else will either.

On the plus side, for those that see where this is heading. S.T.E.M. All those burger flipping robots, and other automated machines are all going to need designs, mfg, support, and maintenance. THAT is at least a $15 per hour ...

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Architects of their own demise. These jobs were NEVER meant to be careers. They are stepping stones to future opps (i.e. summer jobs, short term gigs).

That said, perfect time to bone up on robot repair and maintenance. It will ABSOLUTELY be a needed skill in the immediate future.

Also TBH, I would RATHER have robots putting my food together. Never can tell what is going on with folks who make this type of job a career choice if you know what I mean. Hea...

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He sure does talk. I mean he talked about Electric cars being a reality NOW...then produced the Tesla roadster as proof, the Model S as the first fully designed Tesla offering, and soon the Model 3 (which will introduce an affordable electric vehicle for all).

He talked about the inefficiencies of the space program and the fact that the rockets were one time use and discard...then worked to produce a reusable rocket that can land (even on mobile platforms at Sea). He proved...

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Absolutely ridiculous. I won't buy it. If THIS is the future of computing, I will pass. You will need a briefcase of dongles just to make things work. Apple is one of the only companies that continues to REMOVE things from their products and then raises the price.

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So sick of this crap. All designed to sell more widgets. The dongle debacle is holding me back from upgrading as well. Would have to re-buy everything.

Apple is the only company that can take things away, and then charge MORE.

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This is all they can come up with??? Thinner, removing headphone jack, and removing the mute switch? The R+D team must have taken the last 5 years off. I mean seriously where is the innovation?

'We expect this iPhone 7, despite being taunted as “boring” to come with some hidden spark to cause a onslaught in the mobile community.'

Get ready to be disappointed!

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Shhhhhh. Let Kanye spend even more money he does not have on legal fees for a court case he cannot win.

Then he can rant about 100 million in debt.

This guy is a clown.

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Unaffiliated. Neither party offers solutions. Only a false choice. Until we have a viable 3rd party, the same fleecing of the populous will continue.

But hey if it helps you to put labels on things, go for it.

When you wake up and discover the country has devolved into a 3rd world hell hole, don't blame me.

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Um one of the core missions of NASA under our current communist president is Muslim outreach. So you would be mistaken. There are active attempts to embrace Islam and censor Christianity. It is systemic and it starts at the top.

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Carbon fiber!!

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I just stopped going to their sites. If the publishers are going to allow virus riddled ads on their site, and insist you must turn off your primary protection to see their content, they can sod off.

I mean it is not like they are going to come help clean your PC when you get cryptolocked.

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The choice is obvious. I just won an Apple watch and that thing is going back as I have ZERO interest in it. I wont even take a free one.

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Powering porn all over the world. God save the queen (this one, not the old hag in England).

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50% don't like it, yet have advised they will buy another one. Man people need to wake up.


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Tim Cook proving he knows what consumers want. Less choice, higher costs, and LOWER quality. Let's face it, beats headphones SUCK!

TC is a tool. He has not done anything since taking over.

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They are due for a decent OS in the release cycle.

95 - good
XP - Good
Vista - CRAP
7 - Good
8 - CRAP
10 - ??

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ATT just needs to die. Their internet is abysmal, and frankly they just don't get it. Too many suits.

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