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Is this really on peoples wishlist any longer? I think we've come to the point where pixel density is no longer a great marketing tool because now they all look good. If the next iphone is simply an upgrade with higher pixel density, a bit faster processor but the same screen size it will be one big yawn.

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Reports have indicated it needs to 'check-in' once every 24 hours. Although that is not finalized. Most of these issues can be controlled by the software but as far as I know yes, you will have to be connected at some point in time even in single player games.

There is a lot of confusion so far about how used games will be handled and online requirements and the blame lays on Microsoft. Hopefully they can clear this mess up sooner rather than later.

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Yes but that is why many of these big companies have their headquarters off-shore. I'm not sure how they could get around that other than having audits or increasing import fees for all products not made in the country they are sold.

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I would imagine you'd have to buy a new one, kind of like the Gamepad for the Wii U. I would think any new Kinect 2 camera would work, all the data that synchronizes to you would be on the hard drive and the cloud.

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So that they get some revenue from the used market. Consumers won't like it as much because it will be more controlled but game publishers will love it since they will finally get a cut.

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Life might not be better without it but it could also be worse if you're addicted to it. Far too many people can't seem to live without their devices. I've seen parents ignore their children playing in the park while talking on their cellphone. I've seen people go on vacation and can't seem to let go of their laptop. There's also people who spend way too many hours indoor on the computer.

It's about moderation.

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Perhaps they will if it offers premium content. If they had HBO for example I'd pay for it if it was in HD.

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They just need to release a new product. The iTV has been talked about for a long time now. People expect to continue to be wowed and lately all Apple is doing is going through the cycle. Iphone one year, S model the next. Ipad one year, better model with a faster chip the next. Ipad mini one year, Ipad mini with retina display the next year.

What they are doing is lowering the value of the item by doing that because consumers soon realize it makes sense to maybe wait. So the...

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I wonder if this is anything like what we saw in the movie Hit and Run?

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This is why I don't see much reason for phones like the iphone coming out annually. Why not just have a iphone 4 to an iphone 5 and then 6 and so on instead of the S model bridging the gap? Other than making money of course.

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Not sure what Apple has up its sleeve but this new Iphone one year and a bit of an upgrade the next is starting to wear thin. Just look at what they have done with the IPad. A great launch, the next year some updrades in power, the next year they get Retina display. Now the Ipad mini comes out and it doesn't have Retina display but you know the next one will. They've become too predictable and need to venture into new products like the rumored iTV. It's obvious companies like Sams...

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They should just get rid if the midterm iPhone (S series) and just focus on real increments.

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What they should do is offer better value for those who don't use it much. Start low and then go from there in a tiered format. Don't start in the middle and go higher just because you can. People who conserve energy do it for cost savings. If I buy a plan and don't use the full amount do I get a rebate? No I don't.

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No, they no longer need that other OS feature but they do have to have a system prior to a certain firmware update I believe. Which of course will prevent you from going online. What they and even legit consumers were upset about was a feature they decided to remove that they used to advertise. So if they don't need it to crack open the system then why isn't Sony bringing back that feature?

There are various forms of protest and with various causes. The issue I have a...

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That is true but you have to be very careful about getting the wrong attention.

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Protesting is fine and all but to block access to those who don't care about the cause is a different story.

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They are helping people around the world. That's far better mentoring than arguing with your child what type of phone they can have.

You're spot on, he is right now trolling the forums to see what people at home eating Dorito's and wearing sweatpants have to say about his insecurities.

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It's basically all the units available.

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Now they can spy on us from Space.

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"I'm a Christian and we do not believe in gay marriage."

That's fine but 'we' does not equal to all. What YOU believe in is what YOU believe in. It's not my place to agree or disagree with your beliefs because that is all they are, beliefs.

The problem I have is your ignorant connection between Obama and his ability to do his job based on his beliefs. I wouldn't hire someone based upon what religion they support or the color...

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