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I would call BS especially if the country is saying that out in the open and not keeping it a secret. I think NASA has long before even had a prototype made if they did it. You may say that NASA is underfunded but its not, secretly the military is spending a huge amount of money into space related technologies. We around a 600 billion dollar budget for the military.

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Yea, it's jpmorgan and will definitely go downhill as bitcoin gets bigger so they are probably seeing bitcoin as the biggest threat to their existence.

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Don't take his comment seriously. Look at his position, JP MORGAN!!!!


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I mean it had a huge bull run through these past 2 years....this drop is just a coin in the bucket really compared to the overall value its come to. I think we are defiantly going to see it go down more but it will still be in the shadow of how much it has actually gone up in these past few years.

IF you got bitcoins years ago you would still have a hefty amount of profit throughout this year even as it continues to crash a little bit. People understand the value and need f...

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Didn't even look that good compared to my s8+

You probably will see the screen cover the whole phone but I love the subtle curves on the s8, makes it look much nicer.

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Honestly the galaxy s8 looks a lot nicer and sleeker than this. Probably just some fake mock up but I hope the Iphone 10th anniversary would look better than this.

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I have faith in the company. Good stock imo

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Its not bleeding cash and if anything coal and oil is bleeding cash at this point for tax payers.

these cities are necessarily doing it in defiance of trump, trust me they wont do shit if it wont save them money.

Its just trump userbase doubted if technology was there yet and Obama was a HUGE advocate for this so republicans campaigned on getting voters to hate it. I think Trump will push for Clean energy just becauses it will save money in the near futu...

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Ya know, even after the Galaxy note 7 was exploding and catching on fire it was pretty funny to see that people still kept it because they didn't want to go back to a Iphone.

Note 7 made a Iphone look 2nd class. Much sleeker phone.

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Galaxy can. Even with the exploding problems, Note 7 owners didn't want to give up the phone and settle for the newest Iphone LOL

Seriously, some crazy assholes were keeping it knowing there life could of been in danger. That's how much they loved it.

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Better than exploding

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That's cool..

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How exactly is it less protective of are first amendment?

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Really? Surprised? Nvidia makes more money from the car industry than they do from computers.

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Sorry I wouldn't want a phone that slim!

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BAM gtx1060 raping just like the leaks said weeks ago

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Lol....the thumbnail lol

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YOu don't do personal stuff on your mobile? Are you in the past or something?

I'm just pointing out that all your personal information is already being monitored likely with or without windows 10...

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Yes, there trying to unify pc market to operate under one OS...there desperate for that.
I really wounder who doesnt have windows 10 and be complained about being "forced" to download a better and update software....only complaints I could see about it is the monitoring but then again who does a ton a shit on pc anymore? Almost all of us do it on mobile anyway and login to sites with mobile...

People will complain about anything honestly...

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